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EverWeb 2.1 Now Available with New Contact Form Features & more...

Monday, January 23, 2017 2:04 PM

We’ve worked very hard on EverWeb 2.1 which brings some great new features and ehancements to the blogging platform, contact form, RSS widget and more.

We completely re-wrote the Advanced Contact Form to allow for your own custom SMTP details making the contact form more reliable for servers that don’t support sending email without these details. We’ve fixed important bugs and added some minor enhancements to make the contact form more powerful. A new Advanced Contact Video tutorial is also available.

The RSS Widget has also been completely re-written to work with our own RSS platform after Google discontinued their RSS API. This is an essential update if you use the RSS Widget on your website.

We added two really convenient features that will help while designing your website;

  1. Holding the Command and Option keys while dragging will not change the selection so you can easily move selected objects that are covered by other objects
  2. Holding the Shift key and command while dragging or resizing an object will move all objects underneath that object down in order to preserve the page layout. This makes it really easy to add new sections to the middle of your page and automatically move all objects underneath down to make room for them

Lastly we made a lot of improvements to the blogging platform making it easier to work with and fixed some important bugs.

EverWeb 2.1 can be downloaded from our Downloads page. It is free for all EverWeb + Hosting customers and with an active Standalone license.

Let us know what you think of the update in the comment section below! We hope you love it!