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Tuesday, October 25, 2016 1:18 AM

Say hello to EverWeb’s newest blogging engine!

EverWeb 2.0 features the easiest way for anybody to start blogging. In fact EverWeb’s new blogging features include;

  1. Automatic lists (such as this one!)
  2. Image wrapping
  3. Justified text
  4. Comments using disqus.com or facebook.com
  5. Importing iWeb & WordPress blog posts
  6. Embedded media including video
  7. Automatic Google Fonts
  8. Automatic RSS feed creation
  9. And much more!

Plus, we have a few more awesome features in EverWeb 2.0. 

Take a look at the screenshot on the right! Did you notice anything new? You may notice a redesigned user interface. But look a little closer!

We added a new ‘Contact Form Advanced’ widget. This widget lets you add completely customizable forms to your website with any number of fields (we’ll cover this feature in a few days)

We’re very excited for this new release! Post your questions below and we’ll be sure to answer them, or join us on our discussion forum.

New Website Design

He look, the blogging feature supports header tags! :-)

To coincide the EverWeb 2.0 we also designed this beatiful new website to show off both what is possible with EverWeb and to also modernize our older design.

The redesign was easy with Master Pages. All we had to do was update our one master page and most of the design was finished. Then we just updated some styling. The process took us less than a day and the EverWeb is pretty big.

EverWeb 2.0 Release Date

We’re are finishing up testing, documentation and final bug fixes with our internal beta testers. We hope to have a release out before the end of November.

We’re very excited about this update, and we hope you are too!