Educational Licensing

We value education and believe all students can benefit from learning about web design during their studies. This skill can greatly help any individual entering the labor force. Whether they are an employee or an employer, having even a basic understanding of how a website works can really go a long way. Because of this, we are pleased to offer EverWeb Standalone for FREE to all educational institutions.










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Please carefully read the following to determine if your school is eligible for the free program:

FAQs (Free Program)

Q: Can students be given the login email address and password?

A: No, only the department administrators and/or instructors and teachers assistants may have access to the login/password. Students should never be given access to these credentials.

Q: If a student wants to work on their website at home, can the instructor sign in on the students laptop?

A: No, signing into EverWeb is limited to the lab only. Students can work on their websites on their personal computers by downloading EverWeb, but publishing will not be enabled, and can only be done in the lab.

Q: How can students keep their website projects private and only accessible by them?

A: Students can keep their .everweb project file on their own private server with the school, or if they have a Dropbox account, they can keep it in there and access it when using EverWeb in the computer lab. Please see this video tutorial to see how to access the project file and place it in your Dropbox folder.

1. EverWeb can only be used within the campus/lab of the licensed institution. The license cannot be shared with students or faculty or used off campus.

2. Websites produced by the EverWeb free educational license can only be used for academic projects and learning. It cannot be used for commercial purposes which includes creating websites for the Educational Institution. It is purely for learning in a classroom environment

3. Support will be provided through email only and to one support contact. So only the registered user of the software can contact our support department

4. Your academic institution must provide a logo and description so that we can provide a case study on our website

5. We reserve the right to restrict access to EverWeb to anything that is deemed inappropriate, hurtful or racist.     

6. To receive the free educational license, please register for an account (please use an @yourschool.com email address.) This email address will be used as the sign in for EverWeb. The email address can be changed at any time. Subsequent to registration, please contact us so we can quickly review the account and issue a license.

If your school requires personal licenses for each student:

Teachers, students, and other educators wanting to create a website for their own personal/business use can purchase a regular license with a 50% discount*.

*These purchase orders are manually reviewed. Orders must be placed using a recognized educational institution's email address (example: johnsmith@school.edu). Discount applied at checkout in shopping cart.